White Skin

Menu Could Go Here
Add more links to the print_header.pl file for this skin, instead of the footer file.
All pages then have the same menu system.

Changing one file changes the links on all pages.

Heading of your page

Change the Skin

Your Content Goes Here.

Stuff is typed here.

All pages use the same header and footer tags.

You can place JavaScript in the header file -- different for each skin.

Or you can use custom images on each skin to make your pages really look different.

Every time you want to redesign your site, just design a new skin and put the HTML code in your header and footer files to see the skin on all pages immediately!

Don't make it the default skin until you're happy with the layout and the look. Then when it's ready to launch, place the code for your 'default' skin at the bottom of the print_header.pl and print_footer.pl files, within the "else{}" conditions.

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