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I've just checked your SiteShadow script. It's a wonderful script. Congratulations! on making such a useful script. It works fine but I can not find how to use "Replacements" option in the script.

if the HTML source code is [a href=].html Text[/a]

Now, I want to remove the HTML code and not the text. Can u please give me one sample of accomplish this?

If you want to remove all HTML code, then there is a special line of code you can add the following right after &replacements; around line number 62:

$content =~ s/<(?:[^>'"]*|(['"]).*?\1)*>//gs

If you want to remove selective HTML text, the format is "old value", "new value". You need to do it like this:


'[a href="a site"]a name[/a]', '[a href="a new site"]a name[/a]'
'[font face=arial]', '[font face=tahoma]'


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