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1. If I change

$url_to_fetch = "";


$url_to_fetch = "";

it is still working, but if I change to

$url_to_fetch = "";

it stops working.

Anything I can do to bring it to work?    Cat: SiteShadow

 Yahoo! uses a lot of JavaScript to show it's pages, and the JavaScript code might not be transferring to your browser properly.

With SiteShadow, you need to know a little about how HTML and JavaScript work-- just enough to understand why pages aren't loading.

For example, JavaScript may be referenced with a relative URL, and if you import that bit of HTML, the browser will try to find that JavaScript code on your site. However, you don't have it, do you. So you'll need to change references to the code to be a full URL.

Let's say there's some code that says:

[img src="/images/directory/graphic.jpg"]

You want to use SiteShadow to change it to

[img src=""]

The same is true for JavaScript which is being referenced.

I hope this helps you track down the problems.

2. In the read me file, you stated that I should use the source of this code: copy and paste selections I wish to remove into the 'REPLACEMENTS' database at the top of the script.

Could you give an example how to accomplish that? There's a string %REPLACEMENTS... what do i copy in there?    Cat: SiteShadow


'item to replace in quotes' => 'the text you want instead',
"another item" => 'it's replacement',

" => "p"

Be sure to pay attention to commas and quotes... double are okay, and should be used if there's an apostrophe in the string. Use single if there is a quote in the string.

3. I've just checked your SiteShadow script. It's a wonderful script. Congratulations! on making such a useful script. It works fine but I can not find how to use "Replacements" option in the script.

if the HTML source code is [a href=].html Text[/a]

Now, I want to remove the HTML code and not the text. Can u please give me one sample of accomplish this?    Cat: SiteShadow

 If you want to remove all HTML code, then there is a special line of code you can add the following right after &replacements; around line number 62:

$content =~ s/<(?:[^>'"]*|(['"]).*?\1)*>//gs

If you want to remove selective HTML text, the format is "old value", "new value". You need to do it like this:


'[a href="a site"]a name[/a]', '[a href="a new site"]a name[/a]'
'[font face=arial]', '[font face=tahoma]'


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