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iTreePad by
(c) 2002 Jason Silver


iTreePad is made so that remote users can view your TreePad files
over the Internet, without downloading TreePad. Users with
passwords may even make changes to the data in your TreePad file!

I really want to hear how it's working for you and how you're
applying it. Please keep me posted on this.

Please keep the links to present in the
script. This will ensure that all future updates to your
registered version are free.

This script uses JavaScript and Perl. The Perl is used to build
JavaScript on the fly and makes the page the browser will view
before it presents it to the user. Because Internet Explorer and
Netscape process JavaScript differently this script does not work
well on Netscape. I know this is a disappointment to some Netscape
lovers, but I have no plans to support Netscape. They have a lousy

Installing TreePad consists of the following:

1. Setting the path to Perl at the beginning of the file
2. Using FTP to upload the files
3. Setting permissions on the files
4. Running the script to set up the global variables

Here's How!

1. Using a text editor like textpad, or notepad, open
2. Make changes to the path to Perl at the top of the file


are the most common places. Ask your server admin if you can't
find it.

3. Save your changes

4. Upload the following files to your server all within the iTreePad directory.
a. the folder images (folder.gif, ofolder.gif, nofolder.gif)
b. the icon image
c. the script
d. the index.html file (if your server allows Server Side Includes)
e. your treepad file(s)

5. Set the permissions for the file to '755'

Run the script and set up the features. Be sure to do this carefully.
If you make a mistake, delete the itreepad_variables file and try again
or edit it manually.

That's it! You're all set!

Extra Features

Password protect a node by placing the line:
at the top of the node. It will not be editable, searchable, nor
viewable without a password.

Future Changes

It would be great if the order of nodes could be changed, and if nodes could be
added and deleted.
I would like the folders to open appropriately when we are viewing a node,
especially when a node is selected by navigating to it in the right pane menu
or from a search result page. I don't know JavaScript, so if I could get some
assistance here.... :)

Have fun and happy iTreePad-ing!

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