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fileCABINET by
(c) 2003 Jason Silver


fileCABINET allows your visitors to search through downloads on your site
and optionally make purchases.

Report any bugs or improvement suggestions to

Jason Silver


How It Works:

You create a database text file of your downloads-- perhaps using a program
like Excell. Then export your file as a pipe delineated text database and
upload it to your site. Users will be able to search for a file, and
description pages are automatically generated. Purchase links are also created

Installation Overview:
1. Set some options at the beginning of the scripts
2. Use FTP to upload the files
4. Set exectute permissions on the Perl script, and write permissions on the
text files
4. Test the script

Here's How!

1. Using a text editor like textpad, or notepad, open the .pl file(s)
Change the path to perl so that it's
configured for your server.
It's usually:

2. Change the variables,

For example,

$cgipath = ''; # path to this script (from server root)
$emailprog = '/usr/sbin/sendmail'; # your mailer program...
$admin_email = '';

This is your database file:

$server_file = "file_database.txt";
$records_to_display = 6;
$datapath = "";
$html_page = "/downloads.shtml"; # for using Server Side Includes
$script_url = "/"; # for saving changes in admin panel.
$default_search = "";
$hide_descriptions = 1; # default
$url = $ENV{'SERVER_NAME'}; # you might need to change this to if you have problems.
$login = 'admin';
$password = 'password';
$highlight_color = 'yellow';
$display_categories = 1;
$menu_alignment = "right";
$search_invitation = "Search for a file:";
$search_each_word = 1;
$image_directory = "/images/";
$style = "font-family: Tahoma, Verdana; font-size: 8pt";

You can sign up for an account at PayPal or Kagi, and then grab your info and
place it here in the script:

$paypal_address = "jasonsilver\";
$KAGI_store_info = "85E¤cy=USD&lang=en";

3. Open the downloads.shtml file and change the title and other aspects of
the page to reflect your site's design.

4. Open the header.txt and footer.txt file and paste in header and footer
content from your main site so that the pages look like they belong to the
style used in other parts of your site.

5. Use an FTP program like WS_FTP or CuteFTP (just some examples I'm aware of)
and upload the files to your server's cgi-bin.

6. Set permissions (CHMOD):
.pl files: 755
.txt files: 777, or 766 if 777 is not allowed.
index.shtml: 777


7. From a browser, open the .pl file(s)

As always, let me know of problems, questions, or requests for features.
Jason Silver


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FileCABINET Script - Create a File Download section on your site.

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Add to Cart It is very cool having lots of different 'looks' for people to choose from on my site. I am one of those people who like to keep changing my site, and now when I do that, it doesn't mean I have to lose my old 'look.' People can switch back and forth between skins easily! Thanks for a great script.Scott

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