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This script allows you to create searchable dictionaries of special terms,
and cross reference definitions within definitions.

Here's an overview of what you need to do to get this to work.

1. Open the script and change the variables as necessary.

$server_file = "definitions.txt";

This is the name of the file in which you will place the definitions.

$records_to_display = 10;

This is the number of records to display on each page.

$datapath = "/data1/";

This is the directory (not a URL) to your dictionary file.

$html_page = "/dictionary.htm";

This is the page in which you will place the server side include (SSI).

2. Make a dictioary file. It should look like this:

Other Term&Other Definition with a reference to #[# term #]# .

Basically, each line is a definition. First type the word to be
defined, then an '&' sign, then the definition. If you come across a
word in a definition that you want to be a hyperlink to another
definition, place those funny looking #[# signs #]# around the word with
spaces included like the example.

3. Upload the two files to the cgi-bin.

4. Now open the dictionary.htm file. Make it look like your site, but
where the search box should go, place the following SSI command:

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/"-->

Please let me know if you have ANY problems because this script is still in
development. Please register to enable me to offer updates and new

Jason Silver

creative web solutions

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Dictionary $0.00
Add to Cart Thanks for a great script--very usefull!
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