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HomePage 2 by
(c) 2003 Jason Silver


HomePage 2 allows your visitors to create their own member page on your

Report any bugs or improvement suggestions to

Jason Silver


How It Works:

The 'create a page' link can be included in your site, or mailed to select
members secretly. They create a login, a password, and then make a page by
filling in a form. Title, sub title, body, links, and picture are some of
the fields you may use. Your visitor's page is then generated automatically
and you are sent a notification email.

They may login at any time and make changs to their page. When they do, you
will again receive notification. Other visitors may subscribe to these pages
and be notified when changes are made as well.

Installation Overview:
1. Set some options at the beginning of the scripts
2. Use FTP to upload the files
4. Set exectute permissions on the Perl script, and write permissions on the
text files
4. Test the script

Here's How!

1. Using a text editor like textpad, or notepad, open the script
Change the path to perl so that it's
configured for your server.
It's usually:

2. Upload files... here's an overview:

cgi-bin: data.txt

In a special folder for HomePage2 outside the cgi-bin (eg: members):

Before uploading, you should change the variables in the file accordingly:

For example,

$base_path = "/directory/to/site"; # Set this to your base HTML directory, no trailing slash
$page_path = "$base_path/members"; # This is the directory to create for user pages. Chmod it 777
$image_path = "$page_path/uploads";

The base path points to your site's root directory.
The page path is inside your base path.
Your image path is inside your page path.

$mailing_list= "$page_path/mailing_list.txt";

Users can be emailed when changes are made to the pages.

$base_url = ""; # This is your URL of where the new HTML pages will be kept (no trailing slash)
$images_url = ""; # no trailing slash
$index_page = "$page_path/index.shtml"; # This is the index page which links to all missionary pages. chmod to 777 and placed in the userpages directory
$data_file = "$page_path/data.txt"; # This is the location of the data.txt file. This holds each user's login name and e-mail address for confirmation

Ensure the URLs reflect the paths correctly. If you change the name of
your pages to mypages, for example, then you'll need to reflect this
in both the paths and the urls.

$title = "Members"; #Site title
$sendmail = '/usr/sbin/sendmail'; # Location of the sendmail program

$admin_email = ''; # Your e-mail address here
$admin_name = 'Jason Silver';
$password = 'password01';

$new_page_extension = ".shtml";

Pages can be saved with any extension. Recommend use of .htm, .html, or .shtml.

$maximum_upload = 80000; # In bytes, largest pic to be uploaded.

3. Open the subscribe.shtml file and change the line:
<form action="/members/" method="POST">
so that the action points to the script on your server.
NOTE: This feature is not currently enabled.

4. Open the header.txt and footer.txt file and paste in header and footer
content from your main site so that the pages look like they belong to the
style used in other parts of your site.

5. Use an FTP program like WS_FTP or CuteFTP (just some examples I'm aware of)
and upload the files to your server's cgi-bin.

6. Set permissions (CHMOD):
.pl files: 755
.txt files: 777, or 766 if 777 is not allowed.
index.shtml: 777


7. From a browser, open the file

It should ask for a password. Enter the password, and then click
'make page.'

Enter all the information, and click Create Page.
A page should be automatically generated, and then a link placed
on the index.shtml file automatically as well.

As always, let me know of problems, questions, or requests for features.
Jason Silver


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