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Fantasy Betting Script by
(c) 2000 Jason Silver

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Installing Fantasy Betting consists of the following:

1. Setting some options at the beginning of
the file
2. Using FTP to upload the files
3. Setting permissions on the files
4. Administrating the Fantasy Betting

Here's How!

1. Using a text editor like textpad, or notepad, open

Change the location of Perl at the top of the script.

2. Upload the following files to your server all within the same Fantasy Betting directory.
a. the fantasy_betting.cgi script to your cgi-bin (you can also name it
b. the running_bets.cgi file to the $datapath directory
c. the header and footer files to the $datapath directory. You may edit these files.
d. the all_users.cgi file. This will contain the info on your users.

The file structure is as follows:

3. Set the permissions for the (or .cgi) file to '755'
Set the permissions for the datapath directory to '755'
Set the permissions to running_bets.cgi to '777'.
Set the permissions on the all_users.cgi file to 777.

4. Run the script from a browser. It will display a variables page for you to
set your variables up.

a. The administrator password

b. Path to Data: Where are bet and member files stored? This is a PATH, not a URL.

c. Script URL: (to place the page in a ssi, set this to your html page or your
directory. eg: /cgi-bin/fantasybetting/

d. Running Bets File: change this if you wish, but don't forget to rename the file.

e. Currency name: (credits, dollars, francs, tabloos, etc.)

f. Currency symbol here: ($, *, , , , , or your own.)

g. Title of site: Name your site here

h. Site Description: Write a description as well:

i. Screen Width: Set your screen width preference, eg 100%, 550, etc.

j. When a player has won a percentage of bets, they recieve insider information.
Set up these percentages for insider information:
Number of Wins to reach Level One
Number of Wins to reach Level Two
Number of Wins to reach Level Three

k. Use File Lock: This locks the file so you can make changes to user data etc.
without worrying that someone else is. Set this varialbe to
false if you experience file saving problems.

l. Bright Text Color: Set your highlight text colour here

m. Starting Currency: How much currency should a new player receive? Leave the
currency symbol off of this amount.

n. Set up the alternating row colours:
Row Alternating Colour 1
Row Alternating Colour 2

o. Place your mail program and admin email in these variables:
Mail Program eg: /usr/lib/sendmail
Administrator's Email

p. Top Score Limit: If you want to view the top 10 scores, make this ten. Top 20
scores, then make this 20.

q. Save your changes

5. Now test it by logging in as admin, with your admin password. Then try adding a record.
Be careful using HTML in your record descriptions.
Create a new player, and bet on the fight, then log in as admin again and announce a winner.
See if it works, and let me know so I can participate! :)

6. Upload bet_limiter.cgi to the cg-bin/fb/ folder if you want to limit the number of allowed
bets a user can make. Set the value in this file to the number of bets. THen each week, or
month, or year, reset every user's count automatically to start again.


If you have suggestions, love mail, or hate mail, send it to me. We all
grow through criticism, right?

Jason Silver

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